aventron holds per end of 2016 the following 350 MW portfolio of participations.


  • Windpark Selmsdorf III with 9.2 MW in Germany
  • Windpark Pölzig with 6.3 MW in Germany
  • Windpark Wölkisch with 12.3 MW in Germany
  • Windpark Frehne with 6.2 MW in Germany
  • Windpark Eimsheim with 12.2 MW in Germany
  • Windpark Hellberge with 6.1 MW in Germany
  • Windpark Beaumont with 12 MW in France
  • Windpark Tassillé with 8 MW  in France
  • Windpark Saint Thégonnec with 4 MW in France
  • Windpark Fontenai with 10 MW under construction in France
  • Windpark Ardin with 9 MW in France
  • Windpark Kerdrouallan with 10 MW in France
  • Windpark Ger with 8 MW in France
  • Windpark Melfi II with 18 MW in Italy
  • Windpark Rodera with 34 MW in Spain
  • Windpark Bandelera with 36 MW in Spain


  • 48 roof-top installations in Switzerland with a total capacity of  19.0 MW
  • 16 roof-top installations in France with a total capacity of 3.5 MW
  • Ground-based solar power plant Argenta, Rovigo, Solare Quattro, Casamaggiore, Goito and Porto Tolle with 11.1 MW power in northern Italy
  • Ground-based solar power plant Donnadolce and Heliosfarm with 6.0 MW in southern Italy
  • Majority stake in two 12 MW SPVs part of the Cestas 300 MW PV development near Bordeaux
  • Solar plants Saja, Mos de Bou and Inverpark with 7.1 MW total capacity in Spain

Water Power

  • 15 water power plant with power ratings up to 5 MW and total power of 45 MW in France
  • Water power plants Laufen (0.7 MW) and Dornachbrugg (1.5 MW) in Switzerland
  • Strandfjordselva, Snefjellakraft, Madland, Sevre, Boge und Sakrisaga power plants with total capacity of 13.7 MW in Norway
  • Water power plants Kupe, Lasbekken and Geitani under construction in Norway

Financial Investment

  • 22% Share in UNITe group of France