aventron festigt ihre Position
avril 26, 2017

An der Generalversammlung der aventron AG wurde allen Anträgen des Verwaltungsrats zugestimmt. Die Grünstromproduzentin weist ein dynamisches Wachstum auf. aventron konnte an der 11. Generalversammlung ihren Aktionärinnen und Aktionären ein weiteres erfolgreiches Geschäftsjahr präsentieren. Mit derzeit 96 Windturbinen, 91 Solar- und 31 Hydroanlagen in sechs europäischen Ländern verfolgt sie eine zielgerichtete und ausgewogene Wachstumsstrategie in […]

aventron grows in 2016 and doubles its revenues and EBIT
avril 4, 2017

In financial year 2016, aventron once again significantly expanded its renewable energy portfolio. Operating cash flow rose by a disproportionately large 114.4%. Furthermore, aventron closed its accounts with a significantly higher equity ratio, at 32.8%. In 2017, aventron expects to continue on its growth path with revenues of between CHF 75 million and CHF 80 […]

aventron acquires 10 MW windfarm in France
décembre 14, 2016

aventron acquires the 10 Megawatt (MW) windpark Ballendaux in Fontenai sur Orne (Normandie). The aventron installed capacity rises to 350 MW. 2017 revenues to increase 50% over the previous year. aventron was able to expand its portfolio through the successful acquisition of the „parc éolien les Ballendaux” windpark in Fontenai sur Orne (Normandie). The 10 […]

aventron acquires hydro and solar power plants in Italy
novembre 1, 2016

aventron’s portfolio in Italy grows to 45 MW after a series of successful transactions aventron continues its acquisition path in Italy and acquires several solar power plants and a hydropower plant. In June the company bought a 1 MW ground based solar plant in Lombardy followed by the acquisition of a 0.6 MW hydro plant […]

aventron reports significant 2016 half-year revenue and EBIT growth
septembre 29, 2016

In the first half of 2016 aventron generated revenues from energy sales from its water, wind and solar power plants of CHF 19.8 million (1H2015: CHF 10.6 million) with an EBIT of CHF 6.3 million (1H2015: CHF 2.8 million). The EBIT margin increased from 26.3% to 32.0% on a half year-on-half year comparison. The three […]