aventron continues dynamic growth with significant EBIT increase

In the financial year 2017 aventron increased revenues by 59 percent to 77.1 Mio. CHF. The extension of the production portfolio by 40 MW and the strengthening of the Euro were the main drivers. The company simultaneously benefitted from economies of scale, as well as its geographic and technical diversification to improve return figures.

aventron improved its annual results significantly through advancements in its operating margins, reduction in interest payments and strengthening of the Euro. Revenues from its power plants installed in six European countries led to an unaudited total revenue of 77.1 Mio. CHF (previous year 48.5 Mio. CHF), which amounts to an increase by 59%. The EBIT grew disproportionally by 73% to 23.9 Mio. (13.8 Mio.). The operative cash flow increased from 29.8 Mio. to 50.9 Mio. CHF in the reporting year. Hereby, the aventron business model proves its robust earnings generating capacity, and diversification benefits are clearly paying off.

aventron expanded its portfolio of onshore wind, solar PV and small hydro by 40 MW in 2017 to reach a total capacity of 386 MW. With consideration of its project pipeline the company expects to reach its intermediate goal of 500 MW installed capacity by mid 2019, one year earlier than projected. aventron henceforth targets 1 GW of installed capacity. The funds raised in the 2016 capital increase were fully invested. The board of directors is currently examining its options for the funding of the future growth plans of the company.

Audited financial results will be published 27th of March 2018 together with information on possible capital measures.