aventron is a well established green power producer based in Switzerland. The company acquires and operates solar PV-, onshore wind- and small hydro power plants in Switzerland and selected European countries. In the medium term aventron plans to establish a fully balanced and diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets with a total installed capacity of 1000 Megawatt to become a leading operator of renewable power plants throughout Switzerland and Europe.

To minimise risks in individual markets or sectors, aventron diversifies across countries and technologies.  Hydro and solar power should in future contribute each around 20-30% of the revenues, with wind power accounting for the remaining 50% of the turnover. In the next few years aventron will be concentrating on the Swiss, French German, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian markets. The stated goal is for no single country to account for more than 40% of the turnover, thereby reaching a critical mass across the board.