aventron builds first wind park in Norway

aventron and Solvind have announced the investment decision and immediate start of construction of the Storøy 6.4 megawatt wind power plant near Stavanger

With the construction of a 6.4 megawatt wind park, aventron is expanding its portfolio in Norway, which is currently limited to small hydropower stations (as at 31/12/2017: 39.7 megawatts in service or construction). The two Enercon wind turbines are due to be commissioned in Q3 2018. The plant will be supervised by the existing aventron structure in Norway. With this move, the company is pressing ahead with its strategy of diversifying its renewable energies portfolio across different generation technologies and countries. As well as in Norway, aventron owns and operates wind, solar and small hydropower stations in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. As at 31/12/2017, the generation capacity of the portfolio was a total of 386 megawatts, of which 200 is wind, 77 solar and 109 hydro-electric power. This means that aventron’s overall portfolio is not affected by regulatory changes in individual countries and can easily balance out meteorological extremes in individual regions.

The 6.4 megawatt Storøy wind park in the district of Karmoy near Haugesund is around 50 km north of Stavanger in Norway. aventron Norway AS and Solvind Prosjekt AS today announced the investment decision and immediate start of construction. The wind park is located in a very windy location with wind speeds equivalent to an offshore location. The expected wind yield from the park, which consists of two Enercon E-115s, is 24 GWh, with 3750 of full load hours. The proximity of the location to local ports and industry means there will only be a limited amount of work in building new infrastructure such as roads and grid connections. The electricity product will be fed into the local grid of Haugaland Kraft and used in the region by energy intensive industrial consumers.

The production potential of the aventron portfolio after all the plants which are currently under construction have been commissioned will thus grow to 840 GWh per year. In 2017, aventron produced a total of 660 GWh