aventron acquires 18 megawatt wind park in Italy

Dresden/Münchenstein, 23. May 2016 – aventron has acquired the 18 MW wind park Melfi II located in the Basilicata region from the WSB group. Aventron strengthens its presence in its southern neighbor country and deepens its relationship with WSB.

 The wind park Melfi II was built in 2015 and is located in a high wind area 100 km west of Bari. Consisting of nine Vestas V110 turbines, the project is expected to produce 42 GWh annually and generate 4.8 MEUR in annual revenues. This project is the third wind park aventron acquires from the WSB group. With this participation aventron substantially grows both its Italian business as well as its wind energy unit. aventron operates today 14 MW in solar power plants in Italy.

Revenue targets achieved and profitability increased

aventron increased its revenues in 2015 to CHF 24.7 million Swiss francs and increased the net profit to CHF1.9 million over the previous year’s CHF 0.7 million. By the end of 2015, aventron had a total installed capacity of 160 megawatts in its portfolio.

 Despite the devaluation of the Euro and the continued fall in electricity market prices, aventron closed the business year 2015 with good financial figures. It managed to increase revenues by 61% to CHF 24.7 million francs, and the EBIT by 82% to CHF 7 million francs. Contributing to this success were primarily the expansion of the photovoltaic segment in Italy and the new acquisitions in the wind power segment in Germany and France. Compared to net revenues, the EBIT margin is at 29% (previous year 26%). The EBITDA per share, a key figure for the profitability of the company, rose by 19%. The net profit of CHF 1.9 million represents a rise of CHF 1.2 million over the previous year.

In all countries where aventron is active, in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Norway, it was possible to acquire more power plants and so, strengthen its market position. The portfolio at the end of 2015 consisted of a total installed output attributable to aventron of 160 megawatts (PY 104). For the first time, the wind power segment contributed significantly to the sales with 36%, 30% comes from the hydroelectric power segment and 34% from the photovoltaic segment.

In the year 2015, CHF 56.2 million francs were invested in acquisitions of existing power plants and for the construction of new production plants. The balance sheet rose within one year to CHF 307.6 million (PY 196.2 million). As at the end of 2015, the aventron Group had current assets amounting to CHF 19.3 million (PY 16.4 million). Through a capital increase successfully completed in 2015, the existing equity could be increased by CHF 21.32 million. Besides contributions in kind and loan conversions, CHF 6.37 million francs were invested in cash.

The good annual result enables aventron to raise dividends by 5%. To the General Assembly, the Board of Directors proposes a dividend of CHF 0.21 per share. The General Assembly of aventron (Kleinkraftwerk Birseck AG) will take place on the 26th of May, 2015. The change of name to aventron Ltd will also be submitted to the General Assembly for formal approval. .

Additional capital increase is planned

At the annual General Assembly 2016, aventron will seek approval for an additional capital increase with a volume of up to 15 million shares. This corresponds to an increase in equity of up to CHF 135 million. The registered shares will be issued at the issue price of CHF 9.00 per share. A significant portion of the new equity is to be paid up by the main shareholders by contributions in kind of various wind and solar power plants that are already in operation. The planned capital increase is intended to generate additional new funds for investments in a diversified portfolio in all the countries where aventron is active. The target technologies remain water, solar and wind power.