aventron reports significant 2016 half-year revenue and EBIT growth

In the first half of 2016 aventron generated revenues from energy sales from its water, wind and solar power plants of CHF 19.8 million (1H2015: CHF 10.6 million) with an EBIT of CHF 6.3 million (1H2015: CHF 2.8 million). The EBIT margin increased from 26.3% to 32.0% on a half year-on-half year comparison. The three generating technologies contributed with about one third each to the EBIT thereby proving the company’s diversification strategy. The growth in the first half year is mainly attributed by the power plants acquired post the 2015 capital increase and those contributed in-kind in 2015.. Additionally, water production from the 50MW power plants in France and Switzerland was above average due to high rainfall.

aventron successfully completed its largest capital increase on August 18th. The company raised CHF 57.6 million in cash and received as contributions-in-kind six wind parks and five solar facilities in Germany, France, Spain and Italy with a total value of CHF 74.3 million. Through this contribution, aventron has formally entered the Spanish renewable energy market for the first time. As of the 30th of September the company owns a European production portfolio of about 350MW (consolidated). The market capitalization of the company has increased to about CHF 300 million. The fresh capital will be carefully invested in selected projects in line with aventron’s growth strategy. The company is constantly evaluating new investment opportunities with the aim to quickly deploy the new capital.

aventron expects 2016 revenues to reach approx. CHF 50 million (2015: 23.8 million) with an EBIT of about 15 million (2015: 7 million). The positive developments during the first half year and the new power plants contributed at the 2016 capital increase support the forecasted growth assumption.