Significant growth in wind energy

aventron is significantly expanding electricity production from wind power. Over the next few months, 28 megawatts of additional wind power capacity in Germany, France and Norway will be connected to the grid.

Wind energy accounted for more than 50 percent of the aventron Group’s sales in 2020. This makes wind power an important pillar of the group. This is especially true with regard to electricity production in the winter months, when photovoltaics naturally yields less. To further strengthen its portfolio, aventron last week signed the purchase agreement for the acquisition of the Hellberge V wind farm from the international project developer Energiequelle GmbH. This 7,0 megawatt wind farm south of Berlin ideally complements the existing aventron wind farm Hellberge III with 6,1 megawatts from 2014. The wind farm, which is currently under construction, will go into operation in October 2021.

At the same time, aventron is pleased to announce the completion of the erection of the 8,0 megawatt La Chapelle Baloue wind farm in the Creuse department of Limousin, France. The four wind turbines at the windy site are expected to feed the first kilowatthours into the grid at the end of May.
Finally, construction work on the 12,6 megawatt Gismarvik wind farm is progressing well. The wind farm, which consists of three wind turbines in the Haugesund region of Norway, is scheduled to go into operation in the fourth quarter of this year. Gismarvik is located not far from the existing 6,4 megawatt aventron wind farm Storoy.

For further expansion of aventron’s wind power portfolio, the team is working primarily along the lines of consolidation, long-term partnerships with developers and own project developments. This will allow aventron to further increase its wind capacity despite strong competition. The focus will always be on diversification within aventron between the three resources of wind, water and sun