aventron records significant increases in revenue in the first half of 2018 and doubles net profits

In the first half of 2018, aventron has produced 410 GWh of renewable energy and, in doing so, has generated profits of CHF 6.4 million. Turnover and EBIT have improved by 26 percent compared to the previous year.

In the first half of 2018, aventron generated revenues from the supply of energy amounting to CHF 46.5 million (prev. year CHF 36.8 million) with an EBIT of CHF 15.6 million (prev. year CHF 12.4 million). The newly purchased and commissioned power plants have made a significant contribution to the increase in revenue and output. These include, for example, wind parks in France and Germany and small hydro power plants in Norway. In comparison to the previous year, the first quarter of 2018 featured an abundance of water and wind. The second quarter was characterised by good solar radiation. This meteorological constellation helped aventron to achieve a positive start to the 2018 financial year as a result of its diversified energy production portfolio. This confirms the strategy which aventron continues to actively pursue: of the EBIT as at 30/06/2018, 18 percent comes from hydro, 57 percent from wind and 25 percent from solar power. With its power plants in six countries, aventron has thus produced 410 GWh (prev. year 360 GWh) of energy output. As at the reporting date, aventron operates a portfolio of 422 MW (prev. year 362 MW) in Europe.

In relation to the net earnings, the EBITDA margin is slightly higher at 70.2 (69.2) percent and the EBIT margin remains almost unchanged at 33.5 (33.7) percent. The half-yearly net profits came in at CHF 6.4 million (prev. year 3.2 million), which represents almost double the figure from the previous year. The EBITDA per share increased to 0.96 swiss francs per share (prev. year 0.75). From the shareholders’ perspective, the strong growth in recent years has led to an increase in cash flow per share and thus an increase in the attractiveness and stability of the company.

Following the positive half-year figures, the Executive Board increases its forecast for the full year 2018 with revenues of CHF 90 million and an EBIT margin of 30 percent. Contributions in kind from the capital increase in the form of a 42 MW wind park in Spain and solar energy plants in France (1 MW), which are revenue-relevant with immediate effect, will make a significant contribution. The objective of achieving a renewable energy portfolio with an output of 500 MW is within reach.

With the capital increase completed in July, aventron was able to secure CHF 35.4 million in cash contributions and contributions in kind amounting to CHF 58.9 million. The liquid assets of the company thus increased to the current value of around CHF 80 million. With the contributions in kind and acquisitions from the first half of 2018, the aventron portfolio has now achieved an installed output of around 465 megawatt (MW). After the capital increase, the number of shares issued is 43,728,575, each with a nominal value of CHF 1.00. The market capitalisation is around CHF 430 million.