CHF 50 Mio. financing round successfully completed

KKB (Kleinkraftwerk Birseck AG) secures CHF 50 million financing round through a mix of share capital increase and corporate loans.

KKB AG successfully closed its fifth capital increase on August 18. The existing equity was increased by 21.3 million Swiss Francs. 6.4 million Swiss Francs were invested in fresh cash on top of loan conversions and contributions-in-kind. At the same time KKB AG signed a framework corporate loan agreement for 30 million Euros with a private financial investor and shareholder of KKB. With a maturity of 15 years, callable in Euro or Swiss francs and attractive interest rates this corporate credit line ideally complements the new equity capital raised. Thus KKB surpassed the financing goals set for 2015 and is equipped with the necessary means to continue its growth path. The power plants contributed in kind, the 5 megawatt solar photovoltaic power plants in Italy and the 6.3 megawatt windpark in Germany, fit neatly into the existing KKB portfolio.